Apply Elabrick adhesive mortar to the (pre-treated) surface.

Press Elabrick Brick Slips into the moist adhesive in the desired arrangement.

Smooth the seams using a slightly damp brush.

Application in
no time

Elabrick is the smart brick system that allows you to easily create your own atmosphere. The application of the brick slips on the inner wall or outer wall is quick and easy. Partly due to its low thickness of 3 to 4 mm, almost any solid surface is suitable for the Elabrick Brick Slip. Specific conditions regarding the surface are stated in the Application Instructions.

It’s as simple as that

Elabrick is a very simple, self-applied system. Watch the instructional video and get to work.

Suitable for any solid surface

A major advantage of Elabrick Brick Slips is that they are only 4 mm thick. That makes it possible to use them on almost any solid surface. This surface must be fl at, clean, dry, slightly absorbent, free of strain, and supportive. Examples of suitable exterior surfaces include facade insulation systems, render, stucco or cementitious board, and for interiors a wallpaper-ready wall or plasterboard. If the surface allows moisture to penetrate or is made of wood or bitumen, it is not suitable. When in doubt, always seek advice and do a test beforehand.

SurfaceOutdoor applicationIndoor application
Wallpaper-ready walln.a.yes
Decorative plasteryes1yes1
Sheet material, woodnono
Sheet material, plasternoyes2
Sheet material, cement bondedyes2+3yes2
Plaster plateyes2+3yes2
Concrete, sand-lime brick, renovation plasteringyes4yes1
Facade insulation systemyesyes
Bitumen, tarry surfacenono
Very porous surfacesnono
Damp surfacesnono

1 provided the surface is level
 2 follow the supplier’s instructions regarding transition of board seams to prevent cracking
3 if suitable for outdoor use
4 provided the surface is pre-treated and leveled

Application Instructions also on paper

The Application Instructions are included in the packaging of the Elabrick Brick Slips and can also be downloaded below. Please read these instructions before you start your project.

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